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Simple, Smart Key Management

Key Management is something that all businesses may find a challenge. Whether it is vehicle, office or plant keys, the Smartbox audits and traces key management 24/7. The Smartbox is a fully automated system that requires very little setup and administration. Each login, key removal / return event is recorded on a central database, time and date stamping each event.

Together with the KeyWin 5 software, you have full control and save time thanks to the simple administration system. KeyWin 5 can restrict when keys are taken and what keys staff can remove from the cabinet. The Smartbox is very simple to administer and use. Keys are attached to an ‘intelipeg’ via an anti-tamper seal. Each peg has a unique number that when entered into the software allows the administrator to rename the peg.

Benefits of the Smartbox

  • Helps prevent losing costly keys.
  • Improve efficiency as staff are no longer searching for keys.
  • Keys are available 24/7 to authorised staff.
  • All events are recorded.

What we offer

Bespoke Systems
we have over 3,500 different Smartbox combinations ideal for small or large businesses. Our smallest system can hold 14 keys our largest 465 per cabinet.
Assembled / Manufactured in the UK
each Smartbox is designed, assembled in the UK using over 70% components Manufactured the UK and Sweden.
UK based customer support
Dedicated programmers / customers service representatives on call ready to help with and queries. Our average call-to-fix is 20 minutes.
Showroom & Training Centre
Based in Birmingham we showcase our products in a purpose made showroom. Customers can book training sessions with support technicians to maximise product knowledge.

About Us

At CCKEYS we understand the frustration and cost implications involved in inappropriate key management. That is why we are specialists in the development, manufacture and supply of quality key storage systems for a wide range of industries.

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