Four different sized cabinets are available for the Smartbox, sizes are displayed below. Each cabinet shell comes with a 5-year Guarantee on the shell and are manufactured in the UK


Unlocking rails are the most popular cost-effective solution for most customers. Pegs can be returned to their associated port, another port in a different rail or even a different cabinet.

Unlocking Key Peg


Locking strips work the same as unlocking rails apart from the pegs, which physically lock in-place, preventing unauthorised users from taking them.

Locking Key Peg

Smartbox LCD Terminal

LCD Display message

Each Smartbox has its own LCD screen and keypad. This allows users to search for a key and identify its whereabouts. If a key is in another cabinet or with a user’s, the screen will inform the user who’s searching where the keys are located. Additional information such as departments, mobile numbers can be added on the software.