Intelligent Key Management

The CCKEYS Smartbox is an intelligent, fully electronic key management system. The Smartbox records electronically what time / date keys were taken by which user. The cabinet is administered via the KeyWin software application. The Smartbox is designed to automate key management and security, providing users will up to-date information on key movement and history.

System Features

  • ‘Smart’ key management
  • Full audit trail
  • Fingerprint reader cabinet entry
  • Multiple entry options
  • Self-closing cabinet door
  • Tamper alarms
  • Data import / export features
  • Battery backup
  • Online / offline software options
  • ‘Easy’ cabinet expansion option
  • High security cabinets
  • Systems manufactured in the UK
  • Heavy duty cabinets
  • Mortice night locks


Four different sized cabinets are available for the Smartbox, each cabinet shell comes with a 5-year Guarantee on the shell and are manufactured in the UK

  1. 1025E – 14 – 56 Keys
  2. 1060E – 56 – 126 Keys
  3. 1090E – 126 – 224 Keys
  4. 1400E – 224 – 462 Keys

Unlocking Rails

Unlocking rails are the most popular cost-effective solution for most customers. Pegs can be returned to their associated port, another port in a different rail or even a different cabinet.

Unlocking Key Peg

Locking Rails

Locking strips work the same as unlocking rails apart from the pegs, which physically lock in-place, preventing unauthorised users from taking them.

Locking Key Peg

Smartbox LCD Terminal

Each Smartbox has its own LCD screen and keypad. This allows users to search for a key and identify its whereabouts. If a key is in another cabinet or with a user’s, the screen will inform the user who’s searching where the keys are located. Additional information such as departments, mobile numbers can be added on the software.

LCD Display message