We approached Credit Card Keys because they had the type of key safe that we needed for the size of our business.

Credit Card Keys helped us by running through the different applications available, including a new style of cabinet that appeared perfect for our business uses.

The result was that we purchased the best option for our business needs, we had the cabinets installed and everything went really well. The computer interface with the key cabinet cuts down our time spent trying to locate who is driving any one particular vehicle on any given day.

One thing we liked was their constant availability when we had problems with our staff messing things up; there was always someone to either talk us through the fix or to attend on site. Nothing was too much trouble.

We found the experience on the whole to be pain free and simple. Any upgrades have been pre planned and executed without and fuss.

We would recommend Credit Card Keys to people who need any kind of security for any amount of keys; we run a large and diverse fleet over 365 days, 24 hours a day.

We were that impressed that we ordered a third cabinet for another use.

On the whole excellent service and equipment.

Capital Living is a managing agent of 50 HMO properties in London.

We had problems tracking keys out with contractors and previously it relied on someone booking them out and checking them in, a very time consuming process and only available between office hours.

After looking at a few key tracking options, Credit Card Keys were the best value and offered a very comprehensive solution that people can now access 24/7.

Their support has been excellent and I would not hesitate to recommend their service to anyone looking for a smart way to track and manage their keys.

Yours sincerely

Adam Goff
Director, Capital Living London.

We took delivery of our key safe in 2016 as we had major difficulties in knowing who had what key and where they were. Over the years we have probably replaced the keys to our fleet over thirty vehicles at a considerable cost.

Since the key safe has been in-place we have only lost one key for a mini digger that we were notified about.

The Smartbox has enabled us to control who can withdraw what level of key with ease, also providing us with a full audit trail.

A worthy item within our business.

Network Services Area Manager
Essex & Suffolk Water

We here at DO&CO Event and Airline Catering service Heathrow, Gatwick and London City Airports time is imperative. Before we have the Smartbox system installed we had challenges with not only the location of keys but who was the last employee holding them.

The Smartbox system has improved our operation efficiencies and reduce the time factor of looking for keys, it also helps up make our staff accountable.

Having the option to authorise certain staff only to have access to certain vehicles is critical. The Smartbox we use holds 60 sets of keys, which means we can hold and control both original and spare keys.

All airport security companies we work with are aware of the Smartbox system we use and this passes all of the security audit processes.

Ben Povey
Transport Security Manager
DO&CO Airline Catering

At our Project Alto construction site we were looking for a new way of controlling keys and plot access.

The project is a new build, residential development consisting of 362 plots.

We looked to trial a fingerprint key access control system, the Smartbox. After discovering CCKeys online, we found that their system covered our requirements and was within budget.

Historically key/access on site was controlled by a full time manager who would sign keys in and our with the issue of permits, The Smartbox logs all access and allows rights to be granted or denied by the site administrator.

The system saves considerable management time and clearly tracks all keys and access.

We are currently looking to roll this system out on all future contracts.

Glenn Lesurf
Site Manager
Wates Construction – London